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All this week we will be highlighting #27BiStories from bisexual Advocate journalist Eliel Cruz with graphics by Trivo Studio 

Part 2 — #27BiStories: When Did You Come Out? What Was The Response Like?

Hoping to shine a light on the myths about the bisexual community — both in and out of lesbian, gay, transgender, and queer spaces — The Advocate has launched a four-part series written from interviews with 27 self-identified bisexuals, all of whom happen to be in relationships. Earlier this week, we asked our sources to confont the biggest misconceptions they face as bisexual people, and today, we’re turning our attention to the “coming out” stories that so often unite members of the LGBT community. 

Do those stories provide the same kind of “we’ve all been there” unity that many in the lesbian, gay, and transgender communities experience when sharing their own coming-outs? Or do bisexual people face ridicule and disbelief from the very people who claim to want to liberate others from the closet? Read on to find out. 

This is #27BiStories. 

Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

At least I knew to expect homophobia when I was in same-sex relationships, I was not prepared at all for the biphobia I’d experience later. Personally, I’ve found the dismissal, accusations, and vitriol I get from the queer side regarding my sexuality to be far, far more hurtful than the harassment and garbage thrown at me I’d get from straight men on the street when I’d walk hand-in-hand with my girlfriend.

You expect it from bigoted strangers, you don’t see it coming from your supposed “community”

Page 36 is the page I never got around to finishing before. I had it all drawn, and had started coloring, when I decided to pull the plug on the old webcomic. Then, several months ago, I accidentally deleted all of my working files for the color webcomic, so what progress I had made on this page was lost completely. That’s okay, though – I’m happier with this version of the page anyway. This is the first time this part of the script has been seen, so it’s mostly new territory!



Such a good time at the Sex from Scratch book release at Powell’s last night. Thanks to everyone who came out—when the whole crowd sang me happy birthday, I almost cried. 

Photos by Brighthouse Films and portrait by Erika Moen!


Everyone, go pick up Sarah Mirk’s new book Sex From Scratch from Microcosm Press!

With nearly 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, a growing percentage of women over age 40 choosing not to have children, and more than 3 percent of the population identifying as LGBT, modern life is clearly in need of some modern relationship advice. Sex from Scratch analyzes the facets of contemporary relationships through the struggles, opinions, and experiences of a diverse group of individuals living in nontraditional relationships. Rather than telling readers how to snag a partner and find “true love,” it gleans real-life knowledge from people of all sexualities and genders — including individuals trying to make open relationships work to those who have opted against having children — distilling their hard-earned wisdom. Contributions from Andi Zeisler, Stu Rasmussen, Betty Dodson, and others make this love and dating guidebook an essential, fun, and insightful resource for anyone in any type of relationship.

I’m super honored to have a full interview included in the Non-Monogamy chapter :3

Sounds like a great book! I’ll have to check this out.

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