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Anonymous asked:

A new publishing imprint asks you to assemble a line of all-ages graphic novels for an audience that's more likely to go to bookstores and libraries that comics stores. You've got a budget that's more than competitive and 18 months to start shipping books. What/who would you want to publish?



Yeaaaah, look, I don’t do large-scale consulting gigs for free on tumblr.

I should add that I would LOVE to put something this together in exchange for some moneydollars; it is exactly the sort of work I do for a living. Publishers, if you’re interested, please drop me a line via!


Pencils for the top half of my entry into the Little Nemo tribute book, DREAM ANOTHER DREAM. Cats and Craftsman interiors, I have no trouble drawing. The typography needs a little help, but that’ll all straighten out in inking. It is bizarrely difficult not to put the interjection “oh” in every panel.

So jealous of everybody who got to take part in this book. McCay was the creator who most inspired me to want to start telling stories in comic format, and if that life-path vector had worked out better, I like to think I would have stood a chance in being involved. As it is, I’m REALLY looking forward to picking it up when it comes out!

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